Jigs & Trusses for Toothpick Bridge Projects

The TwigJig® was developed to build complex bridge and truss designs from toothpicks simply and easily. The TwigJig® is a simple device or “jig” used to position toothpicks precisely for gluing into trusses and makes short work of otherwise tedious and difficult projects.

All of the projects shown here were constructed using TwigJigs. Check out the items below to see just how easy these are to build!

The TwigJig Starter Kit is now available for order online here!

Truss Toothpick Bridge Built from TwigJig


Cutting Toothpicks for toothpick bridge trusses using the TwigTrimmerUse the TwigJig to easily assemble toothpick bridge trusses

Apply Glue to the Exposed JointsPeel away the TwigJig to reveal a perfect toothpick bridge truss

TwigJigs come in both Triangle and Square versionsTwigClips make assembly of the trusses into bridges and other projects a snap

Toothpick Covered Wagon projects shown ready for final gluingToothpick bridge contest entries made from TwigJig trusses

TwigJig Toothpick TowerPerfect Toothpick Trusses

If you are interested in purchasing a TwigJig Starter Kit please call us at 214 819 0353 or you can reach us by email at Chris@TwigJig.com.


The TwigJig Team.